In everything we do, we believe in inspiring and empowering entrepreneurs to (co-)create social impact in sustainable ways.


The entrepreneurial journey is a rocky one at times – especially for those of us who are driven by purpose. We struggle, we strive, we thrive, we fall, we get up again, we keep learning, we grow stronger. From my experience of being a social entrepreneur myself and accompanying many entrepreneurs on their journey, I understand the struggles – and I know what I can offer to smooth the path a little for you.


Here are some typical pain points that my clients experience:
“I feel so overwhelmed. I don’t have time for the really important stuff.”
“My purpose-driven work doesn’t fulfil me anymore. I feel close to burn-out.”
“I just can’t focus, there are too many distractions”
“I love my team/co-founder but…”
“Where have all the good clients gone??”
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Coaching & Consulting

Stressed? Tired? Feeling stuck? Not really yourself at work?
When work suddenly feels like work again, when you’re constantly tired, when you find it difficult to have constructive conversations, then you’re in struggle, you’re disconnected.
It’s time to get back to flow & connection, to rediscover the effortlessness and enthusiasm that comes naturally in the early days, to bring back the feeling of play, of exploration, of joy, to reconnect to your purpose in a meaningful way (read more)

“I’ve met plenty of coaches over my career and Carolin is top-notch. She’s incredibly specific and intuitive in how she conducts the course of the sessions and nudges you in the right directions to be able to find the hints you need to get closer to goals and understand obstacles. She’s a minimalist in that she doesn’t need a lot of words to steer you in directions that will yield great results. She has several methods, plenty of experience and deep empathy that allows her to get to the heart of the matter sifting through the noise. We have become good friends over the course of our sessions. Hire her, she has the ability to change people’s lives.”

– Maximiliano Goldschwartz, Ed-Tech Founder

Culture Co-Creation

“What are your core values?”
“Oh, they’re on a poster out there in the hall.”
I’ve had countless variations of this conversation over the years at companies of all sizes, stages and industries.
Values are often vague terms like honesty, humility or professionalism. Employees are left to interpret them, aspirational aspects are not included, so how to live the culture is left up to the individual’s interpretation.
Co-creating culture, identifying what matters to the team and putting it in writing in a way that can serve to guide decision-making is extremely helpful and frees up a lot of energy (read more)

Facilitation & Speaking

Events are all about energy. What makes an event special is to feel the buzz, to make new connections and to come away with something concrete, something we can implement in our own life straight away.
Whether we’re talking online or offline events, innovative structures and the flow that great facilitation inspires are essential to a successful event (read more)

“As a professional, Carolin combines an open-minded, ever-learning, and collaborative mindset, together with an organized, structured, and reliable work ethic. Several participants in her program have remarked that the clear structure she offers serves as useful scaffolding for their emergent creative ventures. As a facilitator, she exhibits a calm, positive, and polished temperament, and she has proven herself adaptive to a range of group sizes, session durations, and levels of formality. Collaborating with her, I have consistently appreciated her initiative, diligence, patience, and reliability.”

Rafael Pascual-Leone, Community & Projects Officer, Valletta Design Cluster






Writing & Editing

Stories – our whole life is made up of stories. We have so many stories to tell, we have so much wisdom to share. Where to start, though? How to frame the story?
Together, we can find the best way to get the content from you to me, depending on your preferred mode of communication. We can figure out where you’re struggling and what might help to get you into flow again (read more)
“One of the best Freelancers I have engaged so far across Freelance platforms. She understood our objective quickly and delivered a fantastic product. We have enjoyed working with her. She went above and beyond our expectations and we recommend her for her professionalism apart from all the skills that matter for a writer. Being a coach herself was a plus point for us!”

Struggle to Flow Book & Chats

Not ready to engage directly yet? If you’d like to find out more about who I am and what I stand for first, then this might be the starting point for you right now.
Here you find excerpts from the book I’m currently writing, reflection questions you can ponder on and “Flow Chats” that I have had with purpose-driven individuals that share about their story from struggle to flow (see more)
As an executive coach, business mentor, serial entrepreneur and dance therapist, I have a lot of first-hand experience and expertise that is highly relevant to my clients. So I have created a unique coaching & consulting approach that supports my clients to get out of the struggle and into the feeling of flow, where their days are filled with more focus, freedom, ease and alignment, where conversations are more effective and where they work and lead in more sustainable ways. I have close to 20 years of experience in which I have worked with more than 3,000 clients across various geographies.
It takes a village as they say… That is why my intention is to build a network of like-minded alchemists – coaches, consultants, facilitators, writers, etc. who are ready to witness and facilitate transformation and co-creation. This is why I have called this “The Impact Collective” to send that intention clearly out into the world and call in amazing talent with aligned values to become part of the collective. Meanwhile, I will use my extensive network to recommend and refer as needed.
Are you ready for a little alchemy, i.e. a little transformation & co-creation?
Are you ready to connect?
Please get in touch or book a free strategy session