In everything we do, we believe in inspiring and empowering entrepreneurs to (co-)create social impact in sustainable ways.

The entrepreneurial journey is a rocky one at times – especially for those of us who are driven by purpose. We struggle, we strive, we thrive, we fall, we get up again, we keep learning, we grow stronger. From my experience of being a social entrepreneur myself and accompanying many entrepreneurs on their journey, I understand the struggles – and I know what I can offer to smooth the path a little for you.

It takes a village as they say… That is why my intention is to build a network of like-minded alchemists – coaches, consultants, facilitators, writers, etc. who are ready to witness and facilitate transformation and co-creation. This is why I have called this “The Impact Collective” to send that intention clearly out into the world and call in amazing talent with aligned values to become part of the collective. Meanwhile, I will use my extensive network to recommend and refer as needed.

Are you ready for a little alchemy, i.e. a little transformation & co-creation?

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Direct Interaction

Coaching & Consulting

Entrepreneurship can be a struggle…

If you are an entrepreneur, you probably recognize these four kinds of struggle:

  • struggle to show up and do our best work every day in flow/in the zone
  • struggle to flow in our communication and interactions with others
  • struggle with money and cashflow
  • struggle to have a good flow of clients/gigs

As social entrepreneurs we often have an additional struggle: since we are in it with our whole heart, it is even harder to separate work from life, so the struggles often affect us emotionally as well.

…but ideally there’s more flow

What we need is a way back into the flow, feeling we are ‘in the zone’, feeling the abundant flow of time, money and other resources as well as experiencing a good flow of clients and projects.
When we flow well in our work, we flow more easily in our private life too.

Facilitating & Speaking

Continuous learning is absolutely vital to keep growing and thriving. However, the formats in which content is offered often feel arduous, boring or patronizing.

We need new interactive formats that allow us to actively engage with each other and the content, to share what we know already, to discover gaps and fill them.

Especially when it comes to soft skills, we need tools that empower self-discovery and continuous growth rather than lectures.

Carolin has worked with a wide variety of interactive and engaging formats and keeps honing them to be even more appealing.

Writing & Editing

Everyone – especially purpose-driven entrepreneurs – has at least one message that they want to spread to the world. Maybe you have learned things the hard way and want to share your learning to make others’ journeys easier. Maybe you have had unique experiences and want to tell the world that this is possible, this is feasible, if you have done it then they can too…

The urge is there but putting it in writing and making it not only readable but engaging and captivating is not always easy.

That is where Carolin comes in. She takes your notes or your manuscript and works her magic on them. Whether as a ghostwriter or an editor for your book on entrepreneurial topics, Carolin has that mix of experience, expertise and flair that makes the co-creation process a rewarding experience.






Indirect Interaction

Entrepreneurs are creators. Living a creative life is not always easy. You need inspiration, focus, discipline, freedom, joy and friction. You need to keep motivating yourself and overcome your fears again and again.

If you are committed to a creative life and want to experience more flow in your business creation, then Carolin’s Patreon might provide the kind of ongoing support you are longing for.

There you find tools to get out of the struggle and into the flow, a peek behind the scenes of her creative process, a chance to give your input on her work in progress, questions for you to reflect on to further your growth, and building blocks for morning and evening practices.

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