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Anna provides a strategic and holistic approach to transform businesses into a positive force for social and environmental change.

Co-creation is a cornerstone of her practice, combining strategic vision, innovation and pragmatism, to redefine mission & purpose, business model, brands, products & services in order to engage employees, clients/customers and partners in the creation of more human, joyful and sustainable communities.


Anna has a rich and diverse decade of experience, with the last 4 years in strategic consulting. Her work history spans different countries and continents as well as industries – from Catering, Food & Beverages, Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals and Jewelry to Banking and Insurance – and types of companies, from multinationals to medium-sized companies and family businesses.


  • Performing diagnosis of an organization’s sustainability challenges and opportunities
  • Defining and implementing the integration of Corporate Social Responsibility into an organization’s mission, strategy and policies
  • Facilitating workshops/seminars for small and large groups of people, using collective intelligence and innovative facilitation tools & techniques
  • Training
  • Accompanying businesses into the BCorp certification